Toul IVT Sterile Unit

Toul IVT Sterile Unit

Toul Meditech Operio Sterile Air Unit – a smart alternative to keep your wound site sterile 

Operio Mobile is a sterile air zone unit with an integrated foldable instrument tray, intended for use in the operating zone, which produces a directed, non-turbulent ultra-clean air flow over the surgical site and/or sterile instruments. 

The ultraclean air flow is easily aimed over the surgical site or any other area where there is a need to keep the sterile integrity intact. The sterile air zone is clearly pointed out with the help of a smart visual indicator. Toul Meditech mobile laminar airflow units have been used in Scandinavia since 2003. 

Operio Mobile has a unique sterile protective barrier in order for the unit to be placed close to the operating table/chair. The unit circulates the ambient air through a HEPA filter to clean the air from bacteria and particles which prevents dangerous, airborne bacteria-carrying particles from coming into contact with the wound as well as surgical instruments near the wound. 

The unit is easy to use and transport between operation rooms and/or preparation rooms. 

  • Operio Mobile can be used in all types of operating rooms and surgical preparation rooms, independent of ventilation system 
  • Operio Mobile is perfect for IVT injections 
  • Operio Mobile can be used instead of an instrument table near the wound next to the patient saving valuable space 
  • Operio Mobile guarantees <5 cfu/m3 air inside the sterile air zone


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