Mobile, Cost-effective Sterile Surgery Environment

Microsurgery can now be undertaken outside the Operating Room. The SurgiCube enables micro and small surface surgery in any hospital, outpatient department, clinic or medical centre providing sterile air direct to the site of the patient's surgery as opposed to a conventional theatre in which sterile air has had the opportunity to interact with non-sterile surfaces.

SurgiCube also offers benefits in terms of scheduling flexibility and reduced theatre costs. 

The SurgiCube is designed by the Netherlands Institute of Innovative Ocular Surgery and is available in the UK and Ireland from Spectrum UK. It provides a 100% sterile environment, using a laminar down flow technique. It provides ultra clean air at the operating surface and on the instrument table.

SurgiCube is constructed from aluminum with custom colour security glass and you can add your own logo. Various sizes are available.

SurgiCubes can be ‘doubled up’ to offer advantages with patient rotation and training.

The SurgiCube does not have a large power requirement so can be used as a short-term addition to conventional facilities in an emergency situation.

SurgiCube meets validation standards as set internationally by GMP A and ISO 5 classifications. In tests, less than 1 CFU/m³ (Colony Forming Units) is measured to comply with regulations worldwide. Spectrum UK offers a comprehensive servicing program which guarantees a safe installation that offers unlimited operational use round the clock.


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