Quantel Medical

Pocket II Pachymeter

  • Hand held pachymeter designed with ease of use
  • Fast, accurate and precise (+/-5 microns)
  • Perfect for glaucoma screening
  • For corneal/refractive surgery, several modes and maps available

Axis Nano Biometer 

  • The Nano operates from a notebook and benefits from windows technology
  • The system incorporates software that provides high accuracy and set the standards of ultrasound biometry
  • The Axis Nano is a high precision A Scan able to measure all types of eyes with the latest IOL formulas
  • 6 formulas for standard IOL calculation, 6 formulas for post-refractive IOL calculation
  • EMR compatible
  • Smallest biometer in its category so easy to transport anywhere if needed


Compact Touch A Scan


The Quantel Medical Compact Touch A Scan sets the standard for quality, functionality and portability of an ophthalmic ultrasound system 

  • The Compact Touch delivers high precision axial length measurements for all IOL types and calculations
  • Intuitive user interface accessible through touch screen panel
  • Two probe options are available, either the standard probe or the newer ProBeam™ which is a biometry probe with built in laser pointer that permits automatic focusing in the visual axis for patients
  • A fast and accurate pachymetry option can be added to the system
  • The built in patient and user databases provide unlimited access to information
  • The Compact touch offers all the latest IOL calculation formulas including post-op refractive formulas


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