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The Essence of Perfection

Perfection and Elegance 

Perfection and elegance, speed and precision: a comprehensive operating system for state-of-the-art eye surgery. Each function is exceptional, handling is a sheer pleasure and any instrument in the patient’s eye reacts to the finest pedal movements like an extension of the surgeon’s hand. The system incorporates innovative technology with perfection throughout, extending to every hidden detail. Conceived, developed and realised by Oertli®, the creator of exceptional surgical platforms.

The Fluidics Heart

Sophisticated, cleverly thought-out and incorporating tried and tested components, Twinvac® enables circulation for the OS4 system to rival that of a top athlete: pure Venturi and real Peristaltic! Since both pumps are used, they allow finest flow control or high-precision suction with every surgical step. This is great for work directly on the retina or for Femto aspiration! It is a heart with intelligence: In SPEEP® mode, it ensures speed and precision. The holding force is effectively controlled by the pedal. Thus, the effect of OS4 fluidics is an unexpectedly efficient and precise instrument.

Precision at the retina

Seeing, grasping, holding, moving and removing: there is nothing more demanding than retina surgery. It is here that the OS4 really comes into its own. Working in conjunction with direct flow control in the high-precision range, the super-sharp Twinac® high-speed cutter overcomes strain on the retina. In SPEEP® mode, the removal of the vitreous body is performed with a high degree of velocity and precision. During the procedure, optimal lighting is provided by the colour-variable LED plus illuminators. Where an endo-laser is required, this poses no problem: it is available within seconds without a change of pedal. Invariably, the incision remains perfectly protected and leak-proof thanks to the Caliburn® cannula system.


The OS4 does not combat instabilities and collapses with sensors, valves and control loops: it stops them from arising in the first place! The individual elements of the OS4 instrument system make this possible, for example with the easyPhaco® technology in the anterior segment or the Caliburn® cannula system in the posterior segment. Of course, active infusion is also available. Thanks to the stability of the OS4, hardly any restrictions apply to its flow and vacuum settings.

Superiority with easyPhaco®

easyPhaco® gives you the edge! No matter whether you are dealing with sub2 mm or 3 mm incisions, an unusually hard nucleus or a refractive lens exchange: with easyPhaco® technology, cataract surgery is faster, safer and smoother than any other procedure. What is the difference? Fluidics on! Maximal flow and vacuum cause no stability problem, urging everything towards and into the tip. This results in short phaco times and therefore ensures a fast, safe and gentle surgical procedure.

HF for Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery and Capsulotomy

With the OS4, you can upgrade to MIGS (Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery) now! The use of the abee® tip in the chamber angle extends the cataract operation by just under three minutes, but patients benefit from lowered pressure through HF deep sclerotomy. Tricky capsulotomy situations? Hypermature, juvenile cataract, narrow pupil, poor vision or out-of-control rhexis? In these situations, HF capsulotomy provides a great solution. 


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