Advanced surgical microscope for ophthalmology Leica M844 F40/F20

The Leica M844 F40 belongs to the premium class of ophthalmic surgical microscopes and offers optimal solutions particularly for posterior and high-end anterior segment surgery.

Combined with the Leica M844 APO OptiChrome™ optics and direct halogen illumination, the system offers the best clarity, contrast, and sharp, true anatomical color images at safer low-light levels. The result: a safer linkage between the diagnostic and surgical image. 

Features, such as the QuadZoom™ technology, the Double Wing Assistant Bridge, and HD recording - exclusively available from Leica Microsystems - make it furthermore the ideal microscope for Teaching Institutes and University Hospitals.

Ophthalmic Microscope Proveo 8 - Efficiency you can feel, precision you can trust

The Proveo 8 ophthalmic microscope provides the exact image you need at each moment of your procedure. Like a precision timepiece every element of the Proveo 8 microscope interconnects and works in perfect synchrony to optimize your view.

Don’t waste time re-adjusting your microscope during anterior or posterior surgery – work interruption-free with the Proveo 8.

  • See more detail without refocusing thanks to FusionOptics technology
  • Benefit from constant red reflex with CoAx 4 illumination
  • Just one foot-tap optimizes your view during each surgery phase thanks to pre-programmed settings plus a host of other workflow features
  • Make better informed decisions, fast by extending your microscope with digital guidance and imaging technologies
IOL Guidance Systems IOLcompass & 3D TrueGuide - Your way to precise outcomes

You strive to deliver minimal residual astigmatism so your patient can be glasses-free after cataract surgery. When dealing with miniscule eye structures, there is no room for inaccuracy. Markerless IOL guidance systems available from Leica Microsystems impress with:

  • Precise, stable and dynamically optimized guidance information
  • Seamless connectivity with some of the most accurate topographers, plus powerful software algorithms

You avoid a number of potential inaccuracies through the workflow from planning to toric IOL positioning, helping you to deliver optimal patient outcomes.

OCT for Ophthalmology Envisu C-Class – Aid critical decisions with impactful images

Quickly capture and observe brilliant, high-resolution, and high-density optical coherence tomography (OCT) images where you need it. The gentle, non-contact Envisu C2300 system is suitable for even premature infants. It is the world's only hand-held OCT solution approved by the FDA for use as an aid in the diagnosis of physiological and pathologic conditions of the eye.

  • Take OCT to your patient: The handheld OCT scan head and mobile cart provides flexibility to image from the ICU, operating room, and clinic.
  • Focus with confidence: The Envisu C2300 can be mounted on a surgical microscope for steady, high-quality live imaging.
  • Get brilliant detail when you need it: High-resolution, real-time images can be seen with detail down to 3 μm.
  • Explore with full volume: Featuring full 3D volumetric data capturing capability with fully customizable high density data scans up to 1000 x 1000 x 1000.
Intrasurgical OCT EnFocus - See what you’ve been missing

See the subsurface details you need to make the best-informed surgical decisions for your patient, with real-time, intrasurgical Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT).

A top-down microscope view, combined with your experience, helps you assess intraoperative changes to subsurface tissues. But what if you could supplement this with a real-time, cross-sectional view? 

EnFocus intrasurgical OCT provides real-time enface imaging of ocular tissue microstructures with the highest resolution and deepest scan depth of any available intrasurgical OCT. This additional information can aid your intrasurgical decision-making in cornea, glaucoma, and retina procedures. For example in membrane peel cases, OCT findings were not in line with the surgeons first impression in 35% of cases according to a recent study.*

Combine EnFocus with a Proveo 8 or M844 microscope for comprehensive visualization. Choose Proveo 8 for the optimal OR workflow solution.


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