Ophthalmic Handheld Surgical Instruments

Katena Eye Instruments - Quality without compromise!

Katena is the largest independently owned company dedicated exclusively to the manufacturing of ophthalmic surgical instrumentation.

Katena has a specialist distribution network choosing the best distributor network partners. Spectrum UK is delighted to market Katena instruments in the UK. Katena is renowned for developing innovative ophthalmic instrumentation which supports the latest surgical techniques.

Katena produces instruments of a consistently high quality thereby providing the ophthalmic surgeon with the latest advances for the latest surgical procedures.

Katena Donnenfeld IOL Removal System

Micro IOL Cutter

  • For cutting soft acrylic and silicone IOLs through a 1.5mm incision
  • 4mm long, stainless steel blades
  • Micro notches in the blades help to grasp the IOL during cutting,preventing slippage

Micro IOL Holding Forceps

  • For securely grasping a soft IOL through a 1mm side portduring cutting and explantation
  • 21 gauge blunt, paddle-shaped tips for strength and safety
  • Central hole adds traction and visibility

Barron Corneal Transplant System and Barron Artificial Anterior Chamber (BAAC)

Katena’s high quality disposable transplant system has both vacuum on the trephine as well as vacuum with the punch delivering the most precise transplant instrumentation on the market. 

Katena’s transplant system is the only one on the market that has stabilizer bars to dramatically immobilize the tissue for less distortion and undercut.  The Katena system also gives the surgeon 16 landmarks for even placement of sutures. 

The BAAC is the companion to the vacuum trephine system.  This device allows a surgeon to cut the donor cornea from the epithelial side to minimize surgically induced astigmatism.  

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