Hoya 250,251

iSert - Fully Preloaded IOL Implantation System

The Hoya iSert is a fully preloaded Implantation System which requires a 2.2mm incision.  Surgeons can use a one-step technique when using the Hoya i-Sert system which offers several benefits including a completely controlled unfolding of the Hoya hydrophobic lens during implantation.  

Hoya iSert Fully-Preloaded Implantation Systems require a 2.2 mm incision and are supplied with a pre-loaded hydrophobic Monoblock IOL.

Hoya iSert 250 - Preloaded IOL with proven monoblock design. 

Hoya iSert 251 - Preloaded with Hoya iMics1 NY-60 IOL

Both offer:

  • Unique Haptic Tips which enable good visibility
  • Hybrid Monoblock Construction
  • "Sharpest Edge" design
  • HOYA Aspheric Balanced Curve design

For further technical information about Hoya's 250 and 251 Intra Ocular Lenses, please see the Technical Datasheets.


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