eyemax mono

eyemax mono

eyemax mono – extended macular implant 

Spectrum are proud to announce that we are now distributing the eyemax mono intraocular lens.  eyemax mono is the world’s first micro incision injectable implant for treatment of patients with dry AMD and diabetic maculopathy .  The eyemax mono is a single piece lens implanted into the capsular bag during normal cataract surgery through a 2.6 mm incision. The multi-dimensional hyper-aspheric optic provides high quality images up to 10 degrees of eccentricity from the fovea, capturing the healthier parts of the retina. If required this lens can also produce a modest magnification in combination with glasses after surgery.  The optic allows patients to use any part of the macular as though the image had been diverted there by a prism and the technology continues to work even as the disease progresses. 

‚ÄčEvidence suggests that patients who have dry AMD when implanted with standard monofocal IOLs during cataract surgery can expect a gain of 6.5 – 7.5 ETDRS letters compared with 15-24 ETDRS letters gain when implanted with the eyemax mono IOL (8 surgeons in 4 European study centres).  96% of patients were observed to have an improvement in CDVA & CNVA and the lens has a safety profile similar to that of a standard monofocal implant.


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