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Ultrasound - Glaucoma

Compact Touch STS UBM

The STS UBM system from Quantel focuses on the superb quality LIN50 UBM probe and for anterior chamber IOLs the system allows for the viewing of the entire chamber in one single scan. The optional Sulcus-to-Sulcus software module allows an automatic measurement of the sulcus-to-sulcus lens curvature and Anterior Chamber Depth. ICL nomograms are available to bring new levels of sophistication to this small compact system when determining the sizing, selection and most suitable ICL. The embedded Windows7 OS provides one of the most intuitive software platforms available today.

  • View pathologies and structures that are unachievable with any optical imaging devices
  • Easily view the angle, ciliary body, crystalline lens and IOL
  • Linear 50MHz UBM probe providing the finest quality images of any ophthalmic UBM system available
  • Intuitive user interface accessible through touch screen screen panel
  • Patient scan history saved within individual user files
  • Portable and easy to transport, weighing less than 5kgs


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