Corneal Diagnostic

Oculus Pentacam AXL, HR & Basic

The Pentacam from Oculus provides the gold standard in anterior segment topography including stunning Scheimpflug images with automatic/manual image acquisition. The Pentacam has more unique software features than any other topographer on the market and continues to lead the way in this imaging modality. The new Floating License Key enables users to have review stations installed as part of the system implementation.

  • 50 or 100 Scheimpflug images in 2 seconds (Basic/ HR)
  • Measures up to 138,000 true elevation points (HR) for highly accurate and detailed information
  • Easy & quick acquisition with on screen guidance for user
  • Additional software modules tailor the review to specific clinician needs/ preference
  • Indices report recommends further displays which are of diagnostic relevance
  • Intuitive displays can be shown to patient
  • Floating License Key for up to 50 review clients!
  • Optical biometry with IOL calculator (AXL only)

Oculus Corvis ST

The new Corvis from Oculus is a revolutionary diagnostic which records the reaction of the cornea after being subjected to a defined air puff from the system itself. The Corvis is able to analyse this bio-mechanical reflex by the use of a newly developed high-speed Scheimpflug camera. A highly accurate IOP measurement along with Pachymetry is obtained on the basis of this stunning Scheimpflug image. The Corvis is an essential tool in ever growing Corneal Cross Linking services.

  • New high-speed Scheimpflug camera captures over 4,300 images per second
  • IOP and corneal thickness can me measured with great precision
  • Vinciguerra Screening Report (Corvis Biomechanical Index)
  • Interface with Pentacam technology using same software platform provides combined tomographical and biomechanical analysis (TBI)
  • Slow-motion video of the corneal deformation as a result of the air pulse

Keratograph 5M

The Keratograph 5M from Oculus is yet another unique product which has multiple applications at an incredibly reasonable cost. Using placido technology the system is a topographer but has so much more included in its arsenal. Fourier Analysis, Zernike Analysis and Keratoconus detection are the expected features but the K5 also boasts Contact lens fitting software, OxiMap for visualising the oxygen transmissibility of soft lenses, evalutation of non-invasive tear film break-up, Meibo-Scan for analysing and visualising the Meibomian ducts of the upper and lower eye lid and finally R-Scan for classification of conjunctival redness.

  • Overview and 3D displays
  • Fourier analysis
  • Zernike analysis
  • Indices display for Keratoconus follow up
  • Multi-exam display comparison
  • Optional software features include TF-Scan, R-Scan, Meibo-Scan, Pupillometry and OxiMap

Oculus Easygraph

A compact and mobile placido-based corneal topographer with built in keratometer for mounting on a range of slit lamps.

  • Compact  and simple addition to slit lamps
  • Range of applications including contact lens fitting and keratoconus detection
  • Cost effective and simple mobile solution for basic topography needs
  • Range of maps include Sagittal (Axial), Tangential (local) refractive power (dpt) and Elevation maps
  • USB interface with PC/ laptop with network compatible software


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