Diopsys ERG and VEP

Diopsys ERG and VEP

Diopsys® NOVA™ and Diopsys® ARGOS™ ERG and VEP Vision Testing Systems

Diopsys is the leader in providing ophthalmologists and optometrists with objective, functional information about the vision system to aid in the early detection of vision disorders and patient management through ERG and VEP vision testing. Eye care providers can perform these objective, functional tests using the Diopsys® NOVA™ cart system, or the Diopsys® ARGOS™ tabletop system.

Now perform multiple visual electrophysiology tests right in your office:

  • Both objective and functional test results, no verbal response or “button pushing” required.
  • Color-coded reports for rapid, intuitive report interpretation.
  • Enhanced treatment tracking and patient management with quantitative data.
  • All Diopsys ERG, ffERG and VEP tests conform to the standards of the International Society for Clinical Electrophysiology of Vision (ISCEV)

Diopsys® ERG - Office-Based Electroretinography

Diopsys® ERG vision tests use pattern electroretinography (ERG) technology to help eye care specialists gain objective, functional information about the performance of the inner retinal cells of the eye, especially in the macula. These vision tests are designed to provide data to the doctor to help detect dysfunction that can precede evident structural defects, thereby contributing to earlier detection for more specific and timely management of diseases that impair macula and ganglion cells.1

Diopsys® ffERG - Office-Based Full Field Electroretinography

Diopsys® ffERG tests use a unique, handheld mini-Ganzfeld to stimulate retinal cells, and full field electroretinography (ffERG) technology to provide ophthalmologists and optometrists with objective, functional results. Diopsys ffERG results may be used to indicate the level of functional loss on patients with retinopathies, and give eye care providers the ability to measure the effect of retinopathies on vision through the presence of cataracts. The goal is to help eye care providers better manage patient expectations for IOL procedures.

Diopsys® VEP - Office-Based Visual Evoked Potential

Diopsys® VEP tests use a technology called Visual Evoked Potential (VEP) to objectively measure the functional responses of the entire visual pathway from the anterior segment of the eye to the visual cortex. Eye care specialists may test patients six months of age and older for vision and optic nerve disorders such as optic neuritis in multiple sclerosis (MS) and amblyopia. Patients may also be tested to detect neuro-visual problems caused by traumatic brain injury (TBI) or stroke.

1 Banitt MR, et al. Progressive loss of retinal ganglion cell function precedes structural loss by several years in glaucoma suspects. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2013 Mar 28;54(3):2346-52. doi: 10.1167/iovs.12-11026.


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