Righton Retinomax K+screeen


The industry standard for hand held auto-refraction and keratometry. The Retinomax K+Screeen provides a lightweight and portable solution with an easy to use operation panel.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry

    Decreased weight from the previous model makes this easier to use and more portable.

  • Tilting Screen

    The upwards tilting 3.5 inch display makes the screen accessible no matter the position of the patient.

  • Focus Assist

    Measurement aquistion is guided by focus assist with colour coding to ensure you are in the correct position.

Description & Technical Specs

The industry standard for hand held auto-refraction and keratometry

  • High speed fogging minimises accommodation
  • Upwards tilting LCD screen
  • Auto measurement provides highly accurate and repeatable results
  • New cylinder axis correction compensation allows the operator to approach patients from any angle
  • The unit comes complete with a dedicated charging base and infra-red printer unit