Ophtec Iris Prosthesis


The iris prosthesis offers solutions for the correction of aniridia or partial aniridia.


A variety of artificial iris models is available to fit a wide range of clinical needs. The artificial lens can be selected to have a built-in lens to provide optical correction, if necessary. Multiple haptic design combinations were developed to provide the patient with better cosmetic outcomes and more efficient ways to conduct procedures.

> 1200 Colours

Before the artificial iris was designed, 150 variations of human iris patterns were studied. This helped implement technology that can reconstruct any colour pattern. Surgeons can select one of 300 existing designs to match the patient’s fellow eye. In cases where a more tailored approach is required, specialists can design a custom iris pattern.

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Description & Technical Specs

Features and Benefits:

  • Foldable
  • Small Incision
  • Acrylic Hydrophobic Material
  • IOL powers from +0 to +40D


IOL type: C1/F1 biconvex, C0/F0 no optical correction/hole
IOL power model C1, F1:  +1 to +40D (steps of 0.5D)
IOL power model C0, F0: +0
Optic/Haptic Material: Hydrophobic acrylic copolymer
Density: 1.12 g/cm³
Refraction Index: 1.5
Diameter Optic: 3.5 mm
Diameter Total: Model C 13.5 mm
Model F 10.0 mm
Thickness Haptic Part: 0.2 mm
Thickness Optic: 1ᴰ = 0.466 mm
20ᴰ = 0.750 mm
Haptic Angle:
Recommended Incision Size: Injector-assisted 3.5 mm
A-Constant Model C1: 119.4 (SRK/T)
2.09   (Barrett suite LF)
0        (Barrett suite DF)
A-Constant Model F1: 119.8 (SRK/T)
2.30   (Barrett suite LF)
0        (Barrett suite DF)

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