Nidek ARK 1


£12,096.00 £9,680.00

The Nidek ARK-1 is a superior auto ref / keratometer with;

  • Accurate refraction measurements
  • Easy VA measurement with glare test
  • Simple opacity assessment with retro-illumination image
  • Patient-friendly accommodation measurement
  • Keratometry measurement with mire ring
  • 3-D Auto Tracking and Auto Shot

    The 3-D auto tracking and auto shot provide faster, simpler, and more accurate measurements. When alignment is performed correctly, measurement starts automatically.

  • VA Measurement with Glare Test

    VA measurement with built- in charts and lenses allows a quick check of the patients refractive error.

  • Opacity Measurement

    Retroillumination image enables the observation of the opacity of the optical media. Great for patient counselling and education

Description & Technical Specs

The ARK-1 / AR-1 series speak for themselves, surpassing a conventional auto ref/keratometer and auto refractometer with technologically enhanced functions generating greater accuracy and greater clinical information.


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