Nidek AL Scan


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The Nidek AL-Scan offers a fast and convenient solution for optical biometry. Capturing 6 key values in less then 10 seconds. An optional A-scan module allows ultrasound biometry of even the most dense cataracts. It’s small footprint and ease of use help improve efficiency in busy clinic environments

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  • Auto capture

    Nidek continues its tradition to provide easy to use solutions, with its 3-D Auto Tracking and Auto Shot, the AL-Scan continues this tradition.

  • Optional built-in ultrasound

    In cases of extremely dense cataract where the optical biometer cannot measure, the AL-Scan's options built-in ultrasound biometer will allow measurement of virtually any cataractous eye without moving the patient.

  • IOL Calculations

    IOL power is automatcially calculated using the AL-Scan's own measurement data with the ability to optimize the IOL constants.

Description & Technical Specs

Nidek’s solution is the state of the art optical biometer – the AL-Scan.  In 10 seconds, six values for cataract surgery are measured automatically:
• Axial length
• Corneal curvature radius
• Anterior chamber depth
• Central corneal thickness
• White-to-white distance
• Pupil size

Observe the anterior segment with imaging of lens, pupil and double mire rings through the use of multiple images including Scheimpflug.

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