Implantable Phakic Contact Lens to correct Myopia, Hypermetropia, Astigmatism and Presbyopia.

  • Injectable via a 2.8mm sub-incision
  • Range +15D to -30D with Cylinder upto +10D
  • Ideal for young patients who require refractive correction
  • Suitable for patients who are not suitable for Lasik or Lasek
  • No dry eye
  • Reversible
  • Preserves accommodation
  • Central hole designed to avoid visual disturbances
  • New spring haptic pad design provides excellent WTW positioning
  • Smart Toric design requires no axis marking
  • Any customisation is possible
  • Retains corneal asphericity
  • Made from hybrid acrylic material
  • Complete range of refractive solutions

    myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia, bespoke made for each patient's sized eye. IPCL offers the widest range, customising from -30 to +15D with cylinder correction up to 10D and a presbyopic add of 4D

  • Easily inserted through a 2.8mm incision

    Simple to use disposable injector

  • Smart toric

    Bespoke built-in correction for cylinder, hence each lens is customised per patient

Description & Technical Specs

The IPCL (Implantable Phakic Contact Lens) is a single piece Posterior Chamber Phakic Lens that provides refractive correction from +15D to -30D. An Advanced Hybrid Hydrophillic Material offers bio-compatibility and long term performance in all individuals making it a reversible solution for refractive error.

The Proven track record of the IPCL (Implantable Phakic Contact lens) provides:
• Improved quality of eye vision
• Utmost patient satisfaction
• Remarkably short and painless recovery