HD Analyzer


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Features include;

  • Point spread function
  • Image simulation (show your patients and their families a picture of how they see how a healthy (post therapy) eye can see)
  • OSI score (quantification of scatter in the optics.  Lower OSI = less scatter = better vision)
  • Vision Break-up time (time it takes to lose visual function due to unstable tear film)

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  • OQAS Technology

    Optical Quality Analysis System provides complete and objective measurements of vision quality

  • Early cataract detection

    OSI (Objective Scatter Index) helps identify and grade cataracts

  • Dry Eye Disease

    Vision break up time and meibomian gland imaging allow diagnosis of vision fluctuations and structural damage

Description & Technical Specs

The HD Analyzer measures the Objective Scatter Index (OSI) of each patient, offering the only complete and objective measurement of vision quality available today. Measuring scatter from early lens changes and asymptomatic dry eye disease is the key to great premium outcomes and happy patients.

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