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New! Introducing Barrett Formulas on the Pentacam® AXL

27th September 2017 12:00

Press release 27th September 2017 

IOL Power Calculation 

New! Introducing Barrett Formulas on the Pentacam® AXL 

The Barrett formulas are now integrated in the IOL Calculator of the Pentacam® AXL. The update incorporates the Barrett Universal II, Barrett Toric and Barrett True K. All three formulas have shown to result in superior outcomes in many recent studies. A free software update with the new Barrett formulas is available for all Pentacam® AXL users. 

The Barrett Universal II and the Barrett Toric formulas support you in performing IOL power calculations for virgin eyes. The Barrett True K formula has its particular benefit with post myopic and post hyperopic LASIK/PRK and post RK corneas. 

Spherical, aspheric, multifocal and toric IOLs are incorporated in the database of the IOL Calculator. The data of the implanted IOL as well as the post-op refraction can be stored with a few mouse clicks. The software includes IOL constant optimization, in particular the triple constant optimization for the Haigis formula. 

Other formulas in the IOL Calculator include the Hoffer Q, Holladay I, SRK/T, Haigis, Savini for toric IOLs, HillPotvinShammas (after myopic LASIK), HillPotvin (after RK) and the double-K method (SRK/T, Hoffer Q Holladay1). The Holladay IOL consultant software, Phaco Optics and OKULIX (ray tracing) can also be linked to the software. 

The Pentacam® AXL offers software links to the Avedro KXL2 and Mosaic software for customized CXL-treatments as well as to the LENSAR Femtosecond laser.