Oculus Press Release

The New Belin ABCD Progression Display

27th September 2017 12:00

New feature on all Pentacam® models 

The New Belin ABCD Progression Display 

A new tomographic keratoconus progression display is now available for all OCULUS Pentacam® models. The new Belin ABCD Progression Display is based on the ABCD keratoconus 

classification by Prof. Belin, MD, USA, which independently grades the anterior corneal surface, posterior corneal surface, corneal thickness, and visual acuity. The new display offers significant diagnostic advantages over the old Amsler-Krumeich system. 

Its main benefit is the evaluation of the posterior cornea and the corneal thickness at its thinnest spot. This information is not accessible with Placido topographers and emphasizes the benefit of anterior segment tomographers. Since every single parameter is graded and presented in a diagram, possible progression can be easily and quickly detected. 

The new Belin ABCD Progression Display is a free update for all Pentacam®/Pentacam® HR/Pentacam® AXL users and works retrospectively for all previously taken Pentacam® examinations. This helpful progression display is included in the software of every new Pentacam®/Pentacam® HR/Pentacam® AXL device.