Eyemaxmono iolAMD

23rd June 2017 09:00

Spectrum are proud to announce that we are now the distributors of the Eyemaxmono intraocular lens. The IOL is designed to be implanted in the eyes of patients affected by problems with their macula.

The Eyemaxmono is a single one piece lens injected into the eye through a 2.2mm incision. The advanced patented lens technology gently magnifies the image entering the eye and projects high quality images, with up to 10 degrees of eccentricity, around the healthier portions of the retina. This provides much sharper focused images in the peripheral macula combined with modest magnification compared to a standard aspheric monofocal lens but with the same safety profile. Thus, allowing patients to use any part of the macula and the technology continues to work even as the AMD progresses.

  • ‚ÄčEvidence suggests that patients with AMD implanted with standard monofocal IOLs during cataract surgery can expect a gain of 6.5 – 7.5 ETDRS letters compared with the approximate ETDRS letter gain of 15-24 letters in those implanted with the iolAMD Eyemaxmono IOL (8 surgeons in 4 European study centres).
  • 96% of patients were observed to have an improvement in CDVA. No patient lost vision at 3 months follow up.


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