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  • Minimise the Risk of Airborne Contamination in your practice

    Globally there are many challenges due to Covid-19 and as a result many daily activities and processes will be reviewed. Within healthcare, for example, a review of the infection prevention chain will be of priority to understand what improvements can be made for now and in to the future. You may be asking yourself aside…

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  • 2 New Surgicubes land despite COVID-19

    We are pleased to announce that despite COVID-19 we received 2 Surgicubes ready for NHS installations in Scotland and Yorkshire! Together with Ramón Hilberink , Global Sales Manager at Surgicube BV and co-ordination from our Spectrum team led by Jan Booth, Director of Operations we successfully managed the borders and challenges that the last few…

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  • To be a sceptic or to be aseptic?

    Preventing airborne contamination is the key concept of the Toul and Surgicube technology. These products can play a key role in the prevention of spreading contamination in many specific healthcare settings. Creating a safer environment is more important than ever; the Toul mobile can be used as part of the wider chain of aseptic preventive…

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