Precision Pulse Capsulotomy

Spectrum is now the exclusive UK distributor for the Zepto ™ Precision Pulse Capsulotomy System, maintaining our commitment to support ophthalmologists with new technologies.


Zepto™ uses a unique single use hand piece, which can be inserted through incisions as small as 2.2mm to deliver a low energy multipulse for instant capsular cleavage to create a perfectly circular and precisely placed capsulotomy. The Zepto reusable power console ensures the optimum suction and electrical pulse to allow Zepto™ to create a capsulotomy with an edge strength greater than conventional methods or femtosecond lasers.


Zepto™ offers the ability to centre the capsulotomy on the visual axis, potentially leading to better outcomes in the use of premium IOLs. It also enables capsulotomies in difficult cases such as small pupils and pseudoexfoliation.


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