FineVision (Micro F and POD F)



The first diffractive trifocal optic

The FineVision optic combines two diffractive structures that are adjusted to offer the +3.5D addition for near vision and +1.75D addition for intermediate vision. It is designed so as to reduce the loss of light energy resulting from any diffractive system. This energy gain results in a significantly improved performance for intermediate vision while maintaining the performance for far and near vision.

Multifocal IOL optimising far, near and intermediate vision

The FineVision optic has a diffractive anterior surface entirely convoluted. By varying the height of the diffractive step, the amount of light distributed to the near, intermediate and distant foci is adjusted according to the pupil aperture.

Consistent visual results

The results obtained with the FineVision optic are consistent with observations and laboratory tests with very satisfactory uncorrected visual acuity at all distances and an extended range of vision in all light conditions.


FineVision Toric (Pod FT)


The new trifocal diffractive IOL combined with optimal rotational stability for correcting astigmatism.

Toric calculator

PhysIOL provides a user friendly and most accurate calculator.

The calculator is available in two versions : an online version and a downloadable version. The downloadable calculator enables a surgeon to store and access historical data.

Get the PhysIOL toric IOL calculator here:


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