Phacoemulsification and Vitrectomy Ophthalmic Equipment

For over 50 years Oertli Instruments has been successfully developing, producing and selling surgical equipment for eye surgery that enables doctors and operating theatre personnel to work in a safer, easier and more efficient manner.

Oertli Instruments offers outstanding engineering quality and design for phacoemulsification and vitrectomy ophthalmic equipment. 

Oertli Instruments is the number one independent provider of Phacoemulsification systems worldwide and have set new standards for micro incision cataract and vitrectomy surgical equipment. With the introduction of the Easy Phaco tip technology, Oertli Instruments enables surgeons to safely remove cataracts through incision sizes as small as 1.6mm.

Oertli CataRhex 3

A truly portable phaco machine. This is the main priority of the concept. The second priority is to offer all functions expected from a cutting-edge cataract and glaucoma surgery device – without compromise.
This results in endless advantages. CataRhex 3® requires no space; it is attached to the IV pole! This means that CataRhex 3® can easily be moved and, thanks to connection and control elements accessible from the front, it can also be placed in an optimal way. CataRhex 3® can be combined with all Oertli® surgical instruments, including the particularly ergonomic TITANO® line and all sterile single-use products.

The Simpler Solution – Very Convincing
CataRhex 3® is so easy to operate that very little training is needed. Thanks to the multifunctional pedal, less assistance is required. The fantastic pump system makes operating faster and the stability of the fluidics system makes bottle height adjustments superfluous.

A More Intelligent Concept – Truly Portable
Weighing as little as 5 kg, CataRhex 3® is truly portable. Being small and light means additional comfort for you and provides extra mobility and flexibility. When transporting the device, the device, including pedal and instruments, easily fits into any pilot case. During operation, it can be attached to any IV pole. At the same time, it is robust and reliably works with voltages from 100 to 240 V in any environment.

Oertli FEELceps

Achieve the precision and hold strength required for peels but with minimal activation for gentle and fatigue free actuation.

  • Minimal activation force
  • Strong holding force of tissue
  • Anti-shredding finish
  • Short, absolutely linear stroke
  • Great responsiveness
  • Precise 360 actuation

Available in: 23G & 25G symmetrical and asymmetrical 

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