Hoya 351 Toric

Single-piece Aspheric Intraocular lens

The Hoya Toric fully preloaded IOL system is available in the UK from Spectrum UK. It is a single-piece aspheric toric hydrophobic acrylic intra-ocular lens with a hydrophobic acrylic optic with PMMA haptic tips.

  • The Hoya Toric IOL benefits from a smaller incision (2.2mm) than most other Toric IOLs.
  • Blue tipped PMMA (non-sticky) haptics facilitate rotation and placement in the correct axis.
  • Stiffer haptics provide firm fixation in the lens capsule, which minimises movement and rotation, Aspheric Balanced Curve (ABC) technology - provides protection from high order spherical aberrations caused by lens movement.

Fully-Preloaded Implantation System at 2.2 mm with toric hydrophobic Monoblock IOL

Preloaded with Toric IOL offering:

  • Unique Haptic Tips to enable good visibility
  • Hybrid Monoblock Construction
  • "Sharpest Edge" design
  • HOYA Aspheric Balanced Curve design (ABC)

For further technical information about Hoya's Toric fully preloaded Intra Ocular Lens (IOL), please see the Technical Datasheet.


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