Refractor / Keratometer

Nidek HandyRef-K

The HandyRef-K automatically measures refraction and/or keratometric data, analysing a wide area (max. 4mm diameter) pupil zone...

  • Quick measurement mode
  • Cataract measurement mode
  • Axis correction function
  • R/L auto detection
  • Retroillumination image observation
  • Pupil size measurement

Nidek AR/ARK-1

The AR/ARK-1 series is simply the most advanced Auto Ref/Keratometer and Auto Refractometer available today. With 3 different models of increasing sophistication the AR/ARK-1 series provides superior functions for superior outcomes. A large pupil zone is now incorporated from 1mm-6mm and the super luminescent diode/highly sensitive CCD means even weak fundus reflection signals are captured and processed accurately, meaning dense cataractous eyes are not an issue. 3-D Auto tracking and auto shot are integrated into the system to enable inexperienced operators to be system proficient within minutes.

  • Simple to use and patient-friendly
  • Accurate refraction measurement with large pupil zone imaging method
  • SLD and highly sensitive CCD
  • Optimal fogging to minimise accommodation
  • VA measurement with glare test
  • Simple opacity assessment with retro-illumination image
  • Patient-friendly accommodation measurement
  • Keratometry measurement with mire ring

Nidek Tonoref III

The new Tonoref III combines easy autorefraction, auto keratometry, non-contact tonometer and pachymetry into one easy to use device.

  • More compact design – allows easy access to eyelids
  • Four functions in one unit
  • Wider pupil imaging  zone (⌀ 6mm rather than 2mm)
  • Double mire rings detect corneal abnormalities at 2.4mm and 3.3mm
  • 5.7inch tiltable screen
  • Opacity and Accommodation measurement in ARK mode


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