Merge Eye Care

Merge Eye Care Solutions

Merge Eye Care Solutions and IBM Company (formerly OIS) provides a comprehensive range of digital imaging systems and advanced informatics which can improve efficiency of the ophthalmic clinic.

Key Benefits

  • Unmatched image quality allows the clinicians to diagnose eye disease quickly resulting in efficient treatment.
  • Create a single cohesive system by integrating with different devices to help the ophthalmologist diagnose more quickly.
  • Ability to link with any EMR platform allowing ophthalmic clinics to operate more efficiently and more profitably with intuitive workflow and reporting capabilities.

Merge Eye Station

Image capture software and digital interfaces

  • Interfaces with your present fundus camera improving image quality and saving money.
  • Uses digital sensors manufactured specifically for ophthalmology ranging from 3.2 to 21 megapixels.
  • Review capabilities available via FAT or Web client.

Merge Eye Care PACS™

Ophthalmic image management solution

  • Integrate images and reports from different devices to create a single database for all image types.
  • View your patient's images and diagnostic reports from any location at any time using a web-browser.
  • Uses Dynamic Image Scaling to reduce strain on hospital networks.

For further information visit the Merge website.

Merge Eye Station Camera Specifications 

Available for Topcon, Zeiss, Canon & Nidek range of mydriatic and non-mydriatic fundus cameras.

EyeStation 5000

6MP Colour and FFA camera. Full 35mm frame sensor

EyeStation Retina

 5.3MP Colour and FFA camera. Upper port camera

EyeStation Essential

 3.2MP Colour and FFA camera. Upper port camera

EyeStation Jazz

 18-21MP Colour and FFA camera

EyeStation 1500

Fundus Autofluorescence and ICG camera

Merge Eye Care PACS

Host Server Specification is available upon request.

For further information visit the Merge website.


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