Zepto Precision Pulse Capsulotomy System

18th May 2017 01:40

Spectrum is pleased to announce the addition of the Zepto™ Precision Pulse Capsulotomy System to its portfolio. Zepto™ uses a unique single use hand piece, which can be inserted through incisions as small as 2.2mm, to create a perfectly circular and precisely placed capsulotomy that can be centred on the visual axis. Zepto™ is ideal for surgery using premium lenses as well as difficult cases and creates a capsulotomy with an edge strength greater than conventional methods or femtosecond lasers.


The Zepto device expands Spectrums’ refractive cataract surgery portfolio, which in addition to Asico and Surgilum toric markers, also includes FIneVision trifocal lenses from Physiol, the Ophtec Precizion™ toric and the preloaded Hoya iSert® toric.