Spectrum partners with Leica

Spectrum partners with Leica

06th November 2015 09:00

Spectrum Partners with Leica 

Spectrum are pleased to announce that they have partnered with Leica to co-distribute their ophthalmic microscopes in the UK. 

Spectrum is the largest independent distributor in the UK ophthalmic market and represents many leading brands, including Hoya, Oertli, Ophtec, Katena, Sharpoint, Glaukos, Quantel, Nidek and Oculus. Leica are one of the market leaders of ophthalmic microscopes, bringing new technologies to the UK market such as 3D and OCT integration. 

The partnership enables Leica and Spectrum to offer ophthalmic microscopes in new ways that support Hospital Trusts with little or no capital budgets to acquire essential equipment. 

Leica will continue to market and sell microscopes directly in the UK.  The cooperation between the two companies enables trusts to procure microscopes and other diagnostic equipment through a commitment to purchase consumables such as Hoya IOL’s.