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Salar Surgical Ltd wins Mediwales Startup business of the year award

09th December 2015 09:00



Salar Surgical Ltd wins Mediwales Startup business of the year award 

South Wales based medical devices company, Salar Surgical Ltd has been awarded the prestigious Mediwales startup business of the year award during a glittering ceremony at the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff. 

Salar Surgical specialises in the development and design of innovative medical devices, centered around a simple strategy of “Safety and Precision”. Their first device “SP.eye™” is the first device in the world to combine complete 3 dimensional control and needle safety for sight saving eye injections. The device had previously been commended by organisations including EuRetina and the Ophthalmologist Innovation awards. SP.eye is exclusively distributed within the UK by Spectrum Ophthalmics Ltd, and across Europe by the Vision Ophthalmology Group.  Salar Surgical ltd has ambitious plans for expansion, with rapid growth of product lines and cooperation with key partners across Wales and the UK. 

About intravitreal injections 

Injections of sight saving drugs into the eye have become the standard procedure for maintenance and improvement of vision in common conditions, including wet Macular Degeneration, and Diabetic eye disease. Around 700,000 injections were carried out in the UK in 2014/15, with ongoing rapid growth - fuelled by increased indications and new therapies. 

About SP.eye 

SP.eye™ is the first device in the world to combine 3 dimensional control of the needle path, with passive and active sharps safety. It streamlines the injection workflow, making the experience more efficient and allowing non-surgeons to safely delver these sight saving injections. It is available both in individual blisters, and as part of procedure packs. SP.eye is exclusively distributed by Spectrum Ophthalmics in the UK, and by Vision Ophthalmology Group in Europe. 

SP.eye™ is protected by international patents pending. 

About Salar Surgical Ltd 

Salar Surgical is a startup company, based in South Wales which has rapidly grown to significant distribution and sales of SP.eye, with several pipeline products for release in 2016.